Wolf Gold Slot – strategies and tactics for a popular game

Wolf Gold slot is a popular game from the Pragmatic Play studio. The game offers customers 3 jackpots, which gives a good rate of return. These features of the machine allow you to choose unique methods of betting.

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Technical characteristics of the slot WolfGold

Before talking about convenient tactics and methods of betting need to get acquainted with the main features of slot machine. Simulation offers users 25 fixed pay lines. That is, giving up any charts will not work. The game has 8 money symbols. Conventionally they can be divided into 2 types. The most expensive include images of animals:

horse symbol Horse
cougar symbol Cougar
eagle symbol Eagle
buffalo symbol Buffalo

Less profitable are card symbols. Pragmatic Play to increase interest in the game installed Wild-image. Its function is performed by a picture of a wolf. It changes any of the money symbols listed. The wolf can also independently give out the winnings. To get to the prizes will be possible on a roll of 3, 4, or 5 images in a line. Multipliers correspond to the most expensive picture of the slot – buffalo.

Players can count on a round of free spins. To do this they need to collect on the reel 3 images with stone pillars. For a roll of such a number of Scatter-pictures machine charges the user 5 Free spins.

wolf gold strategy bonus

Additionally, the developers of Wolf Gold established the money symbol. On a roll of 6 images of the moon starts a re-spin. In this feature, you can win the Grand Jackpot.

The studio has released a unit with an RTP of 96%. Volatility in the slot is medium. You will not have to wait long for winnings. Payouts are good. Prize combinations are often formed from the most expensive images.

A key feature of the slot is the presence of 3 fixed jackpots. Pragmatic Play through Wolf Gold draws the following options super prizes:

  • Mini – x30 of the size of the bet made.
  • Major – x100 of the bet value.
  • Mega – x1000 of the price of the round.

All these features should be used when formulating tactics for the game in the slot. Let’s get acquainted with the main strategies in detail.

What strategies and tactics exist in Wolf Gold

This game from Pragmatic Play has become a sure hit among users. That’s why gamblers have offered different variants of strategies and tactics. We will deal with the main options, but first users need to take into account 3 points.

The choice of a betting scheme must be correlated with a number of additional factors. It is necessary to consider:

  1. 1. Your own risk appetite. Some clients prefer conservative options. Others like to play riskier. 
  2. The size of the bank. The amount on the balance is an important factor when choosing a betting option. Sometimes it is it that determines what techniques for Wolf Gold are better to use. Some models are suitable for large deposits but will be meaningless for a paltry initial investment.
  3. Combining systems. During the betting, it is better to periodically change the tactics. This will diversify the gameplay, and allow you to count on a more impressive income.

It is important for players to consider the standard rule. Techniques with guaranteed winnings do not exist. All betting models have a certain level of risk. Often, the probability of winning or losing depends only on the luck of the individual.

You can find offers on the Internet to sell Wolf Gold hacking software. We do not advise using such products. More often than not, this is how viruses are spread. The player thinks he is downloading a unique program but actually installs malware on his PC. As a result, he loses money and confidential information.

Now it is worth getting acquainted with the main betting tactics. There are 3 TOP variants:

  • Conservative model.
  • Taking into account the peculiarities of the slot.
  • Risky strategy.

All these tactics have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get acquainted with the examples in more detail.

The Conservative Model of the Game
This betting scheme in Wolf Gold has one major advantage. It will save the bank even with a succession of losses. The casino customer needs:

  1. Set the minimum bet size. The game allows you to put a minimum of 0.25 cents.
  2. Start the rotation.
  3. Play until the output is a stable plus.

If necessary, you can automate the process. To do this, you need to put the autoplay and go about your own business. The scheme works because the machine has an RTP of 96%. Going in the plus with these games is real. In tactics, much depends on the luck of the user. Often Wolf Gold gives a series of large wins. But there are losing stages.

This model of the game is suitable for those who just want to have fun. It can give a profit, but in the case of losses allows you to enjoy your favorite games for as long as possible.

Considering the features of the slot.
This game strategy looks more attractive. It takes into account the technical characteristics of the machine. Therefore, it can potentially give a good profit. To use it, it is necessary:

  1. Set the minimum bet size.
  2. Start the game.
  3. Wait for 3-4 losses in a row.
  4. Increase the bet size by a comfortable amount.

On 5-6 spins the machine is sure to give a winning combination. The player will recoup past losses and earn. The tactic is based on the average variance of the simulation. Such slots pay out winnings not so often, but prize combinations are often formed from the most expensive pictures.
Problems arise if the player gets into a series of 8-10 losses in a row. In this case, we advise increasing the size of bets. After 10 losses slot usually gives a very good multiplier. A sharp increase in the bet value will allow earning and forgetting about past losses.

Risky Strategy
The name of this tactic in Wolf Gold speaks for itself. The player needs to set the maximum bet of 125 euros per spin and run the game. The main goal is to win any of the jackpots. Pragmatic Play often pays out super prizes. The studio has made thousands of people rich from all over the world. Therefore, jackpots in Wolf Gold appear with a fair amount of regularity.

This betting model is suitable for high rollers. Clients with a small balance should not use it. Often it is not necessary to count on the super prize even after 30-50 bets. During this time, players can lose all their money.

Important nuances of the game

There are a few things to consider before choosing a tactic. They will make the gameplay easier and safer. The key factors are:

  • The ability to play from mobile devices. Pragmatic Play optimized the software for smartphones. The game will run on any device with Android and iOS. The studio does not change the technical characteristics of the model. Therefore, the tactics listed above are also suitable for playing from smartphones.
  • Only extra money can be used for betting. It is not possible to play on the last funds. This approach is a direct way to losses.
  • It is necessary to forget about trying to win back. It is better to fix the defeat and postpone the game. Otherwise, you will significantly increase the final risks.

Compliance with these requirements will make the game at Wolf Gold as comfortable as possible. The casino should be perceived as a hobby. You can win and stay in the black at a distance. However, you should not count on a permanent income from gambling.

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